Playing Together

We learn through play because we socialize with our peers, Providers and staff. We believe that the evolvement of social, emotional and cognitive skills are a considerable importance to a child's overall development. For this reason, we  have incorporated into our program: activities and learning methods that will allow children to expand, investigate and nourish these skills. Social interaction and play are primary factors to our Philosophy. We view play as a prelude to the acquisition and understanding of the developmental skills. We regard play as a very real and stimulative learning experience for children. Early childhood research has proven that play is a very important factor to a child's developmental  needs. As often as possible, play will be incorporated into any learning experience that warrants this method of learning, A healthy social attitude  is another goal, teacher and child relationship,  supportive and attuned to the child's needs. Staff and children, alike will be responsible for respecting the rights of others. a give and take effort that will generate a healthy social development to all children.

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