Our Services
Kiddie Home Daycare Educational program will be divided into four separate age and developmental groups.

The Kiddie Home Daycare toddler program is designed for children 15to 24 months old, This program offers a nurturing, interesting environment that enables the children to grow with confidence and build self esteem. All of our activities are age appropriate and geared to enrich the child's learning capabilities.Our caregivers are warm, friendly,accepting, and offer gentle guidance to these precocious toddlers. Our environment is clean, safe, and cheerful, decorated. Our toddlers room is a non stress, growth and learning setting designed for comfort, security, and happiness of your child.

The preschool program is designed for the  two and three year olds children that are potty trained. In this group the  children will practice their small motor skills, i.e. cutting with scissors, coloring, gluing, blocks and puzzles. They will practice socialization skills and verbalization thru games, music, story time and small group discussions.  They will be several opportunities on a daily basis for dramatic play, dress-up and free play, as well as exercise for the development of large motor muscles.

The pre-kindergarten program is designed for older four and five year olds that have missed the Kindergarten deadline. The program consist of printing, work sheets and letters. The art projects in this group will be slightly more complicated than the preschool group. Children by now should be easily able to manipulate scissors and pencils. Rules are introduced to this age group because the children's attention span in a fun way so they will expend more time and effort on each every project introduced to them, Letters and numbers recognition and beginning letter sounds of words is also a goal to be accomplished by the years end.

Before and After School Program
Before and after school program is for Elementary School Children that are six thru twelve years old. This program offers children leaving for or coming from an all day school program, time to rest, time to play, time to do arts and crafts, musical experience, children can attend either before or after school sessions or both before and after school sessions.

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