About Us

Quality Home Daycare

 At Kiddie Home Daycare we believe in 

1. C reative Curriculum
2. H ands on Experience
3. I nnovative Teaching Strategies
4. L icensed By DCFS & City of Chicago
5. D evelopment Appropriate
6. R esponsible friendly and certified staff
7. E arly Childhood Professionals
8. N urturing Safe Environment


Each child is a unique in his/her growth and development. Children posses an internal potential for learning. interaction with a child directed environment can aide a child to internalize experiences by exploring the world around them. Social, emotional, and cognitive needs to construct a sharp and clearer picture of reality

we are Licensed by DCFS, Staff certified in CPR, First Aid

Educational Philosophy
Educators believe a child's future development to be significantly influenced by the first few years of life. With this in mind, we at Kiddie Home Daycare, have endeavored to create a program that will most benefit your child in these first most important years.

Y Nosotros También Hablamos Español

                                         We are now accepting credit cards for childcare payments

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